Posted March 20th, 2017 by Keith

As the season begins to change, and especially with the odd winter that we’ve had in Cleveland this year, it’s prompted me to write this month’s blog. Over the past couple weeks, hitting record highs our furnaces have gotten a short rest. There will still be some cold weather left, and while less vital to have the furnace working, if a furnace goes out it will still be inconvenient and a furnace repair will be needed. The option is there to try to put it off until next year, but in my opinion it is best to handle it now. There are a few reasons that I feel that way. First if it a small intermittent problem the furnace may seem to work even going into next fall. At some point an intermittent issue will return and it is more cost effective to repair a furnace when it is minor and more often than not a qualified technician is able to find a problem before it causes more problems. The second, and more important reason is that now is a good time of year to receive the best deals from most heating and air conditioning companies. This tends to be an idle time while we shift from heating repairs to cooling repairs. Most companies are willing to offer their best available pricing for this reason. We are currently offering great specials on furnace installation, and air conditioner installation. Our deals are available in Parma, Parma Hts., Brooklyn Hts., Seven Hills, Independence, Berea, Brook Park and all of the surrounding communities.

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